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De Plane, De Plane!!

With all the issues facing America, Virginia’s 7th District Congressman Eric Cantor appears to have the statue of the late Herve Villechaize when he makes national news by crying out on the floor of the House that Speaker Pelosi is flying in too big a plane, back to her district in San Francisco.

When, oh when, are his contingents going to wake up and see this excuse for a Congressman for the Republican lap dog that he is? I ask again, as I’ve asked before, just what has Congressman Cantor done for his district, for Virginia, or for the nation, that anyone can remember? And why in a district of 700,000 can’t we find a candidate with broad unifying appeal, a vision of the future that is inclusive, and who brings ideas to solve our common problems?

“Representative Eric Cantor, a Virginia Republican famous on K Street for his annual fund-raising weekends in Beverly Hills and South Beach, has recently invited lobbyists to join him for some expensive cups of coffee. A $2,500 contribution …