Let's Have a Debate

I am a Christian - and I refuse to allow others to define what Christianity is for me. The intrusion of the far right conservative fundamentalism into government policy is troubling. I am particularly concerned with the position on so called "gay marriage". The issue is more clearly about civil marriage - and why two adults who love each other and make a commitment to each other and are a couple in all respects similar to a heterosexual couple - why this homosexual couple should be denied the rights and responsibilities that are routinely given to a heterosexual couple. Here are some questions I have been unable to get satisfactory answers to about the relationship between the state and gays:

(1) My aunt remarried in her 70's after her first husband died. How is that civil marriage so much different from a homosexual civil marriage, as children and sex were not factors so much as were companionship and legal issues?

(2) With all of the un-adopted children - why don't heterosexuals adopt rather than having their own children? And as they don't in sufficient numbers to eliminate adoptable children, why can't gay couples - who have been shown in study after study to be in no demonstrable way less better than heterosexual parents - adopt?

(3) What is the threat to heterosexuals and the family from gay civil marriage? Is not the promotion of loving and caring and committed relationships better for the community?

(4) What are the implications of having the six percent of the population that is gay having to live lives closeted from hurtful heterosexuals; and by not supporting and encouraging healthy committed relationships; instead tilting this population towards stress, depression, and promiscuity?

(5) The scientific and medical communities are in broad agreement that homosexuality is a normal and expected variant of the characteristics God gives humans? (Not so much different than being left-handed) And that the American Medical Association and the American Psychological Association support acceptance and equality for gays. What professional evidence is there to support anti gay measures?

(6) In lieu of all the legislation hurtful to homosexuals that conservatives support, describe what type of life and lifestyle they really want a gay person to live?

(7) Many progressive European countries, Canada, and Massachusetts as well the majority of younger voters in the U.S. support civil marriage for gays? What has been the effect of these sweeping changes?


Kelly said…
THANK YOU! I just read through your blog and I am linking it on my blog for folks to read...you make very very very good points that everyone should know...Keep up the good words and good points...it is going to be a rough over the next 6 months leading to the amendment vote...thanks for your support of equality!
Anonymous said…
What a great site » » »

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