The Invisible Minority

Isn’t it time that gay marriage is argued as a moral issue? And isn’t it time that the supporters of gay marriage begin to change perceptions of what this means to America and to traditional American values? Drag queens in gay pride parades, effeminate stereotypes, pedophilia, and homosexual promiscuity have long been the image many Americans imagine when gay marriage is brought up. Unfortunately the homosexual community is largely an invisible community, and the reality is that this community shares American moral values as strongly as the heterosexual community. Values such as fairness, equality, freedom, liberty, and basic human rights.

Most gays believe in family values and the promises of the American dream. That dream includes the expectation that they will not be marginalized by other’s religious beliefs. And that they have the opportunity to be accepted equally in their communities and treated equally by their government.

Gays, being largely invisible, have a unique problem and it will only be by education that this tide can continue to change. Momentum seems to be on the side of gay rights, however should more states approve definition of marriage amendments and should the federal Constitution be so amended, then it may be many more years before true gay civil rights will be achieved. The courage of “normal” gays to come out to family and friends and colleagues is an important step in educating the electorate and in changing erroneous perceptions.

The Pew Institute has a useful breakdown of the electorate on this and other issues and I recommend that you visit their site and also that you take their survey to see where you stand relatively on liberal vs. conservative issues.


SocioScape said…
Do we really *know* that gays and lesbians share the same values as everyone else?

I tend to think that this is true, and I'm trying to test this very broad hypothesis. I'm sending you an email about it.


Hey, thanks for visiting my blog. This really sucks. i think it is time that this invisible minority be recognized as legitimate human beings needing the rights afforded everyone else.

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