The Marriage Amendment -- A Lose, Lose Proposition

Polls are favoring passage of Virginia’s proposed marriage amendment. The approximate 250,000 strong gay population have been too timid to come out of the closet on this issue or to part with enough of their mocha latte money to effect realistic media campaigns against this spiteful legislation.

On the heels on this throwback to good ole boy politics, and red neck ignorance and prejudice, the state will accrue little if any benefit, and the gay community will exist at least for some more decades in the dark ages of Virginia’s religious right fascism. Expect hate crimes to increase as fringe elements see this as permission.

The conservative community that is pushing this amendment has yet to rationally explain why this amendment is needed. And more importantly, apart from the amendment, they have not been willing to state what specific benefits, normally the rights of a straight couple, would they give or deny to a gay couple?

These people can only cite simplistic clichés such as “God created Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve”, and that they are protecting marriage. They cannot and will not accept that they are forcing their religious beliefs on others. And they refuse to have a Socratic debate or accept the scientific fact that being gay is NOT a moral choice but is a state of being.

Unfortunately, this amendment is destined to pass. And it’s particularly tragic in that a constitutional amendment, once passed, is extremely hard to repeal – it will be a generation at least until this matter can again come before the voters.

The gay community and their empathetic liberal supporters, who normally are creative, innovation, and leading edge – and who normally have a wonderful network in the creative arts, media, and entertainment – have floundered in rallying these resources to this important cause.

With the adjacent states of West Virginia, Maryland, and North Carolina staving off this religious right onslaught, Virginia could have been pivotal nationwide in tipping the nation’s drift away from the right. And Virginia will suffer for a long time, as creative individuals and innovative industries will avoid the state in favor of more open-minded, progressive, and liberal geographies.


TLM said…
I share your opinion of the GLBT community at large, but not ready to quit yet. It's only August!

I'm one of those that are doing something..making calls, going door-to-door in NOVA areas. Have to say I am actually surprised at the positive responses we are getting in neighborhoods that are decidedly mixed politically. I also find that when I throw away the "script' and just talk from the heart, people respond. Just this morning in walking a neighborhood in Langley area my canvass partner and I identified 34 NO votes, often from people I would not have assumed were for it. So you just never know for sure.

Point is, while the odds are stacked heavily against us, there is always hope. And for the next few weeks at least, a chance to make a difference one voter at a time. Even a close loss, say under 55% for the amendment is a victory for us in Virginia.
TLM said…
meant to say "people I would have assumed were for it".
David said…
I'm with tlm. It's only August, and when we simply ask voters to read the whole thing, people across the political spectrum realize that it goes too far. The only ones who openly state that they will be voting yes also give as their reason that they believe everyone should live according to their religious beliefs.

The official advocacy groups like VA for marriage, et al, are more circumspect about their intention to impose their religious beliefs on others, simply because they know how damaging that admission is. The rank and file voters who follow them are perfectly willing to admit it.

As for the glbt population, yes, there is fear. The community is exhausted from the continuous legislative beatings. Can you blame them?

We can defeat this amendment. Every one of those 250,000 you mention can easily find 10 people who will vote no. It's not even necessary to be out to do that.

But more than that, we have tremendous straight allies who are just as passionate as we are about defeating this. For some of them it's because they are our friends, and you stand up for your friends. For some of them it's because they are just sick and tired of their elected representatives wasting precious time and resources on this divisive garbage. They want to send the opportunists an unmistakable message: Stop it. It won't work anymore.

I was told by one of these straight allies that we, the gay community, have been beat up enough, and we are entitled to have our friends step up and help us. We shouldn't have the responsibility to carry this burden alone.

I'm seeing an awful lot of that kind of support. Mr. Marshall and Co. just may have stepped over a line they didn't realize was there, and they may find themselves regretting it.

Here is something easy that anyone can do. Go to and download the 'Identify others who will vote NO' form. Send the completed form back to the Commonwealth Coalition.

The few people who are so brainwashed that they don't feel they need to read the whole amendment? Don't waste time on them. Tell them to have a lovely day, and put your energy into finding NO voters. The rest is noise.

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