Inauguration Day 2009 Predictions

It’s over a year and half away but here is the podium on Inauguration Day 2009

President - Hillary Clinton
Vice President – Bill Richardson
Secretary of State – Joe Biden
And reaching across the political divide
Secretary of Defense – Colin Powell

What arrogance is this to go out on such a limb so early?

Well I can tout my bona fides that out of grad school I spent four years in a small corporate planning group reporting to the executive committee of the then world’s largest chemical company, as a futurist and technological forecaster. I could mention my lifelong interest in futurism and strategic planning. Or my heightened political junkiesm in my semi retirement.

But truth is this is not based on some formal extrapolative or normative crystal balling – it is entirely an intuitive conclusion and I would be interested in anyone else who is willing to stick their neck out and make an early prediction.


Vivian J. Paige said…
Seems a reasonable prediction.
Anonymous said…
I hope you are 75% wrong( i oculd go for Colon Powell) or I may need to move to Scotland. The thought of Hillary for president makes me want to barf barf barf!!!!!!!!!!!!
I would rather elect Monica Lewinsky at least we know shat she did in the oval offfice. RIP Vince Foster.
Anonymous said…
I very much support her as I did her husband, personal failings and all. At least someone who is competent and intelligent will again sit in that office. Your predictions are right on, except Obama may very well be the next Vice President.
Anonymous said…
Hope you're right - the exact pair I'd hope for except maybe Prez Richardson, VP Clinton...But either way is fine by me!
wambam to the Liberaldung said…
The next President will be a Republican and control of both houses will go back to the Republicans. The Democrats have lied to us again just to get elected. It will not happen again. I am going back to the Republican Party which will be led by Mitt or Rudy. Both far capable and more experinced than Hillary (what has she done anyway) and Obama (no record just talk).
Bill Garnett said…
Well Wambam, care to put money on your prediction? Actually the Republicans controlled all three branches of government for six years, and I think the country saw the result. A lot of us are tired of the simplistic right vs. left volleys and are looking for leadership not partisanship.
Anonymous said…
Wambam is part of the reason why the rest of the world hates us now. This president has destroyed this country's reputation in a way that we may never recover from. Bush should be impeached. Re: a murderous, illegal and nonsensical war in Iraq. Bush's war has created millions of more terrorists throughout the world.
Anonymous said…
Just curious . . . How are you feeling about that prediction now? :-)
Anonymous said…
June 2008
Your predictions were all wrong - not one of your predictions are standing today.
So much for your expertise, huh? Obama 08: Yes We Can!
Anonymous said…
Hilary should have ben standing on the podium, but an Old Boys cabal, with their typical fear of an brilliant, determined, and well-informed woman, have silently moved to make a backroom deal for Obama.

This may cost us the presidency, and if Mccain wins and dies in office, may give us an unqualified and out of her depth woman president named Sarah palin. Then God help our country then!
Anonymous said…
wow with 8 days to go..OBAMA ALL THE WAY....what a great time to be a young American...what a great time to be a yound Black American, for everything we were told we would and could never, this is what happens we we do the right thing, make the right choices and push..push..push...congrats Obama and by the way, I would have been OK with Hillary as VP.
Cheryl Thomas-Smith said…
God Bless America, our new President elect, Barack Obama, future First Lady, Michelle and their two beautiful children. God Bless America. How does it feel to wake up today and know you are not dreaming?
Anonymous said…
For anyone who has visited this site before or after the election, must feel that this is not over. With the current turmoil in this country, do we need to worry about someone's life (OBAMA)? I hope this does not turn out to be a nightmare
Wanda said…
Oh WOW, Sylvia Browne and Some Man physic, and i just heard on the New York news another woman predicts the same!!!OHHHHH< says Mr Obama will die in Office, of a heart attack, I haerd Mr Obama has high blood pressure and he smokes not good Mr O, best quit smoking and take hipertensions pills.

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