Sorry To Tell You – But The End Is Near

I find it fascinating to see the DNA helix in 3-D and alive and reproducing in a video animation, an artificial depiction of our best level of insight to date. Its zipper like unraveling and then its coded arms searching the sea of amino acids for one of four matching molecules, and presto – reproduction.

That’s on the micro level. But on the macro level – our level – there is a continuation by an analogous mechanism. A reproduction that happens where, more or less rare occurrences of contact, under the right circumstances forms a bond, and these occurrences are more probable when the distance is less, the similarities are greater, the experiences similar, the points of view compatible, the areas of interests somewhere overlapping. And a bond is formed – by proximity in family, community, school, and work, and church. In the boy scouts and the softball league; the NAACP and the Urban League.

These become denominations, townships, tribes, guilds, trade unions, political parties, governments, leagues of governments, alliances, provocations, diplomacies, engagements, resolutions.

Technology and economic prosperity and levels of freedom accelerate this reproduction. Life evolves from the first replicating carbon based molecule to man -- and to believe in evolution would suggest that mankind not be at the penultimate limit of this species. And as natural evolution is relatively slow, may not a new order of evolution take place, where the natural world of physical laws is coupled by the advanced acceleration in capability in one natural species – i.e. homo sapiens.

So recently have the higher-level organisms of Nazism, and totalitarian communism, and corrupt dictatorships grown to maturity and completion of cycle to resolution, while others remain intact.

Perhaps the attendant accelerating impact on the quality of life will reach awareness before it reaches reality.

Don’t just read this, don’t just agree with me – go out and find out, convince yourself as otherwise you will not act, if action is necessary, unless you are convinced. Don’t just read, "The Singularity is Near" by Kurzweil, or view the TED conference videos online, or take in a viewing of Gore's "Inconvenient Truth". The top hundreds of thousands of scientists in a spectrum of disciplines have convincingly made the two basic arguments;

1) The Earth is warming at an alarming rate and with dire expected consequences

2) Mankind’s activities are clearly at the cause of and the potential solution to this eventuality which, by the way, we are told we only have about a ten year window to reverse or that we will enter a timeframe of point of no return, where the environmental consequences experienced are to be beyond our ability to impact and which consequences can be a threat to the existence of the human race and to civilization.

I know, too alarmist, almost to declare. Well I, and far more before me, have added their voices. Add yours, help us reach a tipping point where the will to act will override the hesitators, resistors, apologists, and stay the coursers.


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