Challenge To The Chesterfield County Board of Supervisor Candidates

Full Disclosure:

I have challenged all 13 candidates for Chesterfield County Board of Supervisors to take an online test that can help inform county voters on 6 November as to where they fit on the political landscape. If you are a voter, I would challenge you to also take this test – here is the LINK. I don’t pretend that this should be determinative. But I do think it is informative, and that participation in this exercise will be informative in itself. Following is the message I sent to the candidates and if you are an eligible voter in the county, I suggest you encourage your local district candidates to participate.

Results will be published here prior to the election.



My name is Bill Garnett and I write a blog that, among other topics, often explores aspects of Chesterfield County politics. Recently I sent out a test questionnaire to the 13 candidates for the five board of supervisor positions up for grabs on 6 November – I only received back responses from four and hope this is not representative of how responsive you will be to constituents should you be elected.

I am now making another request and this request is that you take a few minutes to show where you fit on the political landscape by taking a very short and easy online test. (It takes me less than five minutes). I think you will find this personally useful and informative.

I ask that you respond by sending me the two resultant coordinates

(1) Economic Left/Right
(2) Social Libertarian/Authoritarian

My intent will be to publish the results, by candidate, on a graph that will be published on my blog before the election, as an additional assist to voters who may find this instructive to their choice. I intend to present this information in a neutral manner.

I look forward to your participation and to your “test” results and I will have to suggest that not participating, in my opinion, would suggest a characteristic that might be also indicative of your style should you be elected – so please do respond. The test is at this LINK.

I am thanking you in advance for your participation.


Bill Garnett


J.Scott said…
I was surprised with my outcome. I though I was more conservative, oops.
Any of the candidates get back to you?
Bill Garnett said…
J. Scott,

Thanks for taking the time to check out where you fit on the Political Compass. I am but a simple layperson who has an interest in understanding the local political process. I may be a bit naive and idealistic in that I feel a District Supervisor, who represents about 60,000 residents, should be chosen based on their ability to, through their position, to improve the quality of life and represent the needs and values of their constituency.

I’m appalled at how little the average voter seems to take an interest in or become knowledgeable about candidates before going to the polls. I am appalled at how small the voter turnouts are. And I’m appalled at how little is readily available to inform the electorate.

Sign wars and campaigners at the polls, slanted campaign mailings and candidate websites, and infrequent and sparely attended “debates” are hardly sufficient.

It was my intension to try and map the 13 candidates for board of supervisors across the Political Compass similar to the way the national presidential candidates are shown HERE.

I found this added to my understanding and when compared to my own Political Compass score was an additional insight. As teachers and students are now routinely tested, as are police and firemen, and all of us in one way or another, I felt it was a small imposition to ask the candidates to share with the electorate where they fit on the Political Compass. Unfortunately the response from them has been meager. Whether they feel this is an unjustified imposition, or none of my business, or not worthwhile, I do not know. But what I do know is if they are going to be so unresponsive during the heat of a campaign, I wonder at how responsive to the residents they will be once elected.
Perry DeMay said…
The Political Compass

Economic Left/Right: -4.25
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -0.87

Perry DeMay
Candidate for Sheriff

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