If There Is A God, Huckabee Will Be Our Next President

Don’t get me wrong, I like Mike Huckabee. He is an eloquent and compelling speaker, he is not a part of the Belt Way establishment, and he has a great sense of self-deprecating humor. He is even a musician and I respect his discipline in losing 100 pounds. I like his intelligent initiative to dramatically overhaul out tax system to stop the disincentive to production and earnings.

But as much as I like Huckabee, I would never vote for him. Or anyone who has such an unenlightened and simplistic view of this mystery known as God. No, even large numbers of theologians question the inerrancy of the Christian Bible.

I believe God inspired the Bible – and I use “God” as a short cut for my sense of whatever the mystery of mysteries is. But then aren’t all great works inspired? I believe that Jesus was the Son of God. But aren’t we all the children of God? The more one has a sense of history and of the wiles of men, the more I, at least, can see through the lens of time more and more the mark of just human beings and human institutions, rather than the hand of God, both as editors of the word of God, and frequent contributing authors.

How can we not appreciate, as science progresses, that what was previously explained by myth and imagination, is now explained with reason and logic? And how much of unfounded bias, prejudice, and discrimination, has subsequently been overturned by enlightened men and societies who truly see that all men are equal.

But apparently not Mike Huckabee, who still holds to the notion that gays and lesbians are morally deficient and not worthy of the full civic equality that their heterosexual brothers and sisters in America so casually take for granted.

Whomever becomes our President, I hope that he/she can be the President of all Americans and can move policy forward that is based solely on reason and the best expert advice and not couched in the hidden agendas derived from one’s belief in whatever man made myths and fairy tales.

It is everyman’s individual responsibility to search out their own spiritual path – but when someone imposes their concluded spiritual beliefs in such a way that it diminishes me, a gay man, in my civic life, it then becomes untenable.


Alter of Freedom said…
I completely get where you are coming from with this, but from a pure policy perspective and governing perspective and listening to Huckabee, Republicans actually have two choises this cycle who are less Republicans (by governance or policy) than I can remember and though the far right may be unsatisfied that may not neccesarily be a bad thing for the Republican Party as a whole. It may not lead to victory, but to me that is samantics. What matters to me coming to grips with the fact that the most vocal part of Parties is not in truth represent the majority of views of the whole, I find it interesting that neither of these two left can annoit themselves the "real conservative". I have always felt that the far right was not indictivie of the Republican Party as a whole anymore than the Moveon.org folk represent all Democrats, more vocal yes, but at athis time in our history we have two Parties whose contending nominees very well may just not be the "guy" of the powerful vocal interest of each Party.
McCain looks to wrap it up on one side where far righters will not support him and Obama is pushing forward moving past the establishment candidate in Clinton.
Todays vote was a hard choice to make. One of the harder ones I can remember in any Primary contest. I had wanted to cast a vote for Romney. I thought he represented what is both good about the Republican Party and good about mxing it with at times Democratic policy in governing. I know you have found some solace in McCain at times but I can never vote for him either in the Primary or in the General. I also can never and will never vote for Clinton so I risk for the first time in my life of having two people running for the office of President whom I cannot and will not vote for.
So the feel good vote, and the four cups of coffee not withstanding went with Huckabee if for no other reason than it did not make me wince nor did Obama need my vote as he will win handily in Virginia by 10pts plus.

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