Congressman Eric Cantor - Poster Boy for the Last Eight Years

Do you know who your Congressman is? If you do, I challenge you to ask the next five people you meet and find one more who does. Perhaps it’s just that your Congressman is more a part of the political machine that only raises its head when elections roll around. And which provides the ride back into power of career politicians who see their main challenge as raising more money so they can continue to stay in power.

In the midst of two weeks of political party conventions, the volleys go back and forth but one common theme is prevalent – and that is that the Congress has been ineffective in the last eight years in addressing the important problems facing our country. And there has been possibly no Congressman more associated with this gridlock, this inability to work across the aisle, this putting of party interest above the interests of America than Virginia’s 7th District Congressman Eric Cantor.

But don’t take my word for this. I am just a political junkie who is concerned with the course the country is currently sailing and am deeply concerned about the troubled waters we find ourselves in. I challenge you to take on your citizenship responsibility and do a bit of research on your own. You might start out by scrolling through the Interest Group Ratings that are collected on the Project Vote Smart website. Here is the LINK.

If you have a concern for issues such as:

➢ Civil Liberties and Civil Rights

➢ Education

➢ Environmental Issues

➢ Health Issues

➢ Labor

➢ Senior and Social Security Issues

➢ Women’s Issues

You may be surprised at how low he is ranked almost universally on all of these issues. But, no surprise, he has great ratings for anything relating to business interests.

I might suggest you also Google Eric Cantor and see if you don’t conclude, as I have, that Congressman Cantor is the darling of the Republican Party, a loyal lap dog, and a gifted fundraiser. But what has he done for you, for Virginia, for America?

Congressman Cantor has a formidable opponent this November; Anita Hartke is not a career politician, not a Washington insider, but is a more representative example of the values of both the 7th District and of America. She is someone who will work with whomever wins the Presidency for the best interests of America. And as we change the Presidency, don’t you think it might also be a good time to change the Congress.


Scott Nolan said…
I wonder if Palin withdraws, Cantor gets picked for VP with McCain, can he still run for re-election at the same time?

If he can, how will that impact the local voters: does it boost Anita's chances?

If he can't, who will the Republicans try to shoehorn in at the last minute and that almost certainly boosts her chances.

Good luck to her either way, or even if Cantor is not picked to be pickled by association with McCain.
Steve said…
One of the great things about being in Eric Cantor's district right now is that we all have an opportunity to support his opponent, Anita Hartke, today.

Anita faces the same challenges of everyday life that the vast majority of 7th District voters face. She understands their concerns is inspired to make all of our lives better.

Anita is a Warner type of polititian, who will use any good idea, no matter which side of the isle it came from. (At the moment, there aren't many good ideas coming from the Republican side, but who knows?)

As a volunteer for both the Hartke and Obama campaigns, I have spoken with many, many voters in the 7th CD. The most common question is "what will she do about these gas prices"? Anita will push for a nationwide, comprehensive energy conservation initiative, and a major research and development effort to find alternative, sustainable energy sources and get them implemented. This will lead to thousands of "green-collar" jobs being created, many of them right here in Virginia. Other countries are already beating us to the punch on this opportunity, and we can't waste any more time.

I spoke with a Republican local committee member in Madison County on Saturday and asked what Cantor's answer is to the same question. His reply: "Drill, drill, drill!" That's exactly what one would expect to hear from a "representative" who has taken a lot of PAC money from the oil industry. It's also the kind of answer one expects from a "representative" who simply doesn't care that drilling off of Virginia Beach won't affect gas prices by more than a penny or two, in 10 to 20 years. In other words, Eric Cantor simply doesn't care about us.

Let's get a real representative - one of The People, who is For The People. Join the cause today!
Anonymous said…
I have met Anita one time so other than the takeaway of being an impressive figure I can tell you that she will fail in Chesterfield to win even 1/3 of the vote.

I can say this as an independent conservative, not because I favor Eric Cantor, but because Anita will get painted as a pro-real estate developer and growth insider at a time when most folks in the Chesterfield portion of the 7th are left scrathcing their heads regarding growth.

If experience is going to matter in the top ballot election as heavily as some are making it out these days it may trickle down to the Congressional race and Anits will have to expalin to the electorate just how her experience translates into getting things done on behalf of the district.

I like Tom's chances against Virgil better on this score as he has worked with the faith based side of the equation for many years and appeals to those middle conservatives onboth sides.

His Anita pro-gun, pro-choice, etc.? Many Dems are making ground by being Pro-gun and pro-life across the country in places like LA and MS in Congressional elections. It will be interesting to see but I think now that its September she has entirely too much ground to make up and a brand in the 7th to combat. Tom has been active since early Spring in his bid to upset Virgil Goode.

Just an opinion.

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