Allen Wraps Himself in the Flag

A few weeks ago on this blog I offered this unsolicited advice to Jim Webb: • Have fast and overwhelming response to negative and anticipatable attacks and personal attacks from the Allen team (they don’t fight fair; they fight to win and aren’t above doing whatever it takes to win) – do not engage in negative attacks, but merely suggest or contrast differences in policy - and suggest that Virginia deserves better - and that the solutions require better.

Perhaps with the encouraging (to Webb) polls, the Allen camp has had to pause on their 2008 presidential planning to fire a volley in Webb’s direction.

"James H. Webb, Jr. continues to demonstrate he is totally beholden to the liberal Washington Senators who dragged him across the line in the Democratic primary," said Dick Wadhams, Allen's campaign manager. "By announcing his opposition to the Flag Protection Amendment, James H. Webb, Jr. puts himself firmly on the side of John Kerry, Ted Kennedy and Charles Schumer."

And I’m pleased to see that the Webb camp is living up to its “born fighting” reputation.

"George Felix Allen Jr. and his bush-league lapdog, Dick Wadhams, have not earned the right to challenge Jim Webb's position on free speech and flag burning. Jim Webb served and fought for our flag and what it stands for, while George Felix Allen Jr. chose to cut and run. When he and his disrespectful campaign puppets attack Jim Webb they are attacking every man and woman who served. Their comments are nothing more than weak-kneed attacks by cowards."

Expect more from these dirty tricks Republicans.

The following from Wikipedia: Allen has either displayed the [Confederate] flag--on himself, his car, inside his home--or expressed his enthusiastic approval of the emblem from approximately 1967 to 2000." Allen wore a Confederate flag pin for his high school senior class photo. In high school, college, and law school, Allen adorned his vehicle with a Confederate flag. In college he displayed a Confederate flag in his room. He displayed a Confederate flag in his family's living room until 1992. In 1993, Allen's first statewide TV campaign ad for governor included a Confederate flag. In 2000, when a voter told Allen, "Long live the Confederate flag!" Allen replied, "You got it!"


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