Common Sense Call to Arms

There comes a time in the cycle of government when bureaucracy, rampant proliferation of rules and laws, complexity of taxation, and distancing from the needs and values of the common population occurs, and that these governments need to and must be overthrown. The time has come for this to happen in he United States.

The wisdom of the founding fathers could never have anticipated the current life in The United States, and our sense of their wisdom suggests that if they could have, they would have placed further assurances in the Constitution to prevent the decline in the quality of life, the decline in individual freedoms, and the decline in the sense of connection between peoples and between peoples and their government.

It becomes abundantly clear that the nature of scale and complexity, in itself, prevents anything other than slow and hesitant change. This is in a system of peoples where major change and innovation in government is desired and required, in order that the growing gulf between government and the needs and values of the common population, be not further widened. When government systems such as the justice system becomes the justice industry, the defense system becomes the defense industry, and the health system becomes the health industry - then these are clear signals that real fundamental change can not evolve but must be brought about by revolution.

We seek to establish such a mandate, so that the very Constitution on which this great nation was established will be relegated to history, and an entirely new Constitution is to be drafted and adopted that will issue a new era of freedom, opportunity, and improved quality of life for the common population.


OK, so this is but a flight of fantasy –- but have a candid conversation with just about anyone on the street and confirm the apathy and the cynicism of a broad population that is more or less completely disillusioned with a government where, ironically, their very despair and discard of their citizenry responsibility has created the power vacuum eagerly filled by special interests and a small populace of the power and resources enriched.


Please note that this is merely an essay and NOT a call for the eminent overthrow of the government and certainly not a call for violent overthrow of the government - this is a challenge to think about current issues and an opportunity to discuss the broadest of ideas. Chill out - grow up!!!


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