Bring It On

OK guys, I’ll start it off. But I wonder if it’s worth the effort. Someone will still be willing to spend their day posting with the sensitivity of a 50’s car-full of Deep South white-bread yokels throwing beer cans at niggers as they drive by. Or worse, the Bible carrying religious nuts who I remember from the preacher in Midnight Cowboy. So just to let those types know - we won’t go away, we will face you, we will wear you down and thin you out. And you know why? Because we have far more to gain than you can ever imagine you would lose. And we can’t afford to lose amendment fights – because once adopted by required super majorities; it will take a super majority to repeal it - a mere fourteen states can do that – and it surely won’t then be repealed within a generation.

This is our time in history and this is our lives – and don’t think you wouldn’t do the same if you were in our shoes. The big difference is that we can’t see ourselves, in your shoes, ever being so suspiciously homophobic or hypocritically unholy. Get a life.


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