The Internal Inconsistency of the Righteous Religious Right

With the increased intrusion of the religious right into civic government, now is the time to ask who these people are. I suggest that they are authoritatively controlled conservatives who are basically hypocrites.

Hypocrisy: a feigning to be what one is not or to believe what one does not; especially: the false assumption of an appearance of virtue or religion

Is a Christian someone who tries to model their life after Jesus and who asks when making their choices in life, “What choice do I believe Jesus would make”? Should a Christian use their belief in the example of Jesus as a guide to how to live their life?

I ask the readers and posters visiting this blog to respond to the following hypothetical situations and answer as to how they believe Jesus would have them respond.

1) Would you, just after marriage, but before choosing to procreate, choose instead to adopt one of the millions of children in the world who otherwise would not have a chance at a healthy and happy life, with loving supportive Christian parents?

2) You are at a Starbucks and buying a five-dollar cafĂ© latte, when you see a starving five year old lying on the sidewalk outside the window, who could be saved from starving by just one dollar of the money you spend each day on a latte? Is the fact that this child isn’t on the sidewalk but is out of sight of you and your gated community materialistic life, sufficient for you to not consider all the children who have starved to death that you, by making simple and easy spending choices, could have saved?

3) You support your government and its practice of dropping massive bombs from 30,000 feet in Iraq, where collateral civilian damage is probable and expected. Such that tens of thousands of innocent men, women and children are horribly killed.

4) What if the final choice of executing someone in your state were your personal decision. The prisoner is someone who is caged and is reasonably prevented from ever harming anyone for the rest of their life, and who may find redemption and come to Christ and save his soul should he not be executed

5) Children are born with a blank slate – they learn as they grow and are educated and experience life. Public education is a way our society insures that all children are exposed to and taught, such that they will be good and prepared citizens, and equipped to reasonably handle the life they will be confronted with as an adult. At what point should this growing child discover the facts and realities of human sexuality and reproduction? And where should this information come from?

6) A carefully screened gay Christian couple wants to adopt an orphan from Darfur who otherwise would not be adopted and would probably die horribly. Would you prevent this adoption and the opportunity to have the love and support of Christian parents?

I would hope that these narrow-minded and judgmental and arrogant hypocrites back off from crossing the bright line between religion and government, that earlier wiser Virginians were so instrumental in creating in our state and federal constitutions, and instead, start questioning their own leadership -- and begin to instead take responsibility for their own spiritual path. After all, I don’t think St. Peter will accept your argument that James Dobson, or Jerry Falwell told you to do it.

That’s what I believe Jesus would have you do.


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