When Do The Attack Ads Begin?

As we approach the November election, isn’t it time for a Rove type attack ad or smear campaign to start against Jim Webb? How are Republicans going to retain their hold on government without this tried and true strategy?

Remember these classics?

A whisper campaign about how Ann Richards was a lesbian and trying to stage a covert takeover of the Texas government by appointing "hundreds" of gays and lesbians into government.

Bush wins the Texas governorship

Ads attacking Max Cleland’s patriotism – check out this attack ad

Cleland lost

Whisper campaign in South Carolina during the primaries that John McCain was mentally ill from Vietnam and that he had illegitimate black children.

Bush wins the Republican nomination

Smear tactics against John Kerry attacking Kerry’s Vietnam War record.

Bush wins his second presidential term

Now Allen should be a shoo-in as only 3 ½ percent of the eligible voters even turned out for this year's Virginia Democratic primary.

After all, the electorate is far too apathetic and stupid to actually navigate their way through the issues and the positions, policies, and character of all the political candidates, as that would take away from their “American Idol” TV time.

Still, in the spirit of fully successful high school type politics, I look forward to the focus group tested TV ads that Allen is certain to run (gee he has almost 12 million to spend, and less need to save any for a dimming presidential run).


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