Will November 7th Be Virginia's Kristallnacht?

This is the type of crap being put out by supposed conservatives – this from the Cultural Insurrectionist blog. And most of these blogs supporting the Virginia Marriage Amendment are too cowardly to even post comments opposing their views – but I and others need to “out” these red neck bigots.

On the Cultural Insurrectionist blog is this sentence – I suggest you go to the blog to see the type of Brown Shirt bigotry that should be an embarrassment to all Virginians. This is an example of the type of arguments they present to their intellectually challenged audience.

“It is a sad day in our Commonwealth when such action has become necessary. George Washington, Virginia’s greatest son, had sodomites drummed out of his army.”

I say, grow up – that was over two hundred years ago.

Merriam-Webster definition of sodomy - anal or oral copulation with a member of the same or opposite sex

From the National Center for Health Statistics: Among adult males 25-44 years of age, 97 percent have had sexual contact with an opposite-sex partner in their lives; 97 percent have had vaginal intercourse, 90 percent have had oral sex with a female, and 40 percent, anal sex with a female.

The real issue is the homophobia of insecure supposed heterosexual males who are biased, bigoted, ignorant of facts, and seem to have a perverted need to put down some group in order to bolster their own egos.

Vote NO on the marriage amendment - who knows if your own equality and rights will be next threatened by these authoritarian controlled "compassionate conservatives".


Anonymous said…
Bill: Where can one find a list of those businesses and business co-ops that have FOUGHT this marriage amendment. I want to start supporting them.
Bill Garnett said…
Here is a list of businesses that are supporting the Commonwealth Coalition in its fight against the amendment. I'm sure they would appreciate it you were to acknowledge their support.
I'm deeply appreciative of your blogging on the hateful so-called marriage amendment - have linked to a few of your posts here, and have added you to my blogroll. Best regards - V.

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