Virgil Goode Should Not Represent Virginians

The current estimated population of the United States is 300,970,614 as of this moment. The Reapportionment Act of 1929 currently fixes the total number of Representatives at 435. That means that each Congressman is selected, on average, from a population of approximately 691,886 citizens. Can someone explain to me how Virgil Goode, the Representative from Virginia’s 5th District is the best out of almost 700,000 Virginians? His remarks about Muslims in America is reprehensible, embarrassing to the state, ignorant, biased, and far from the tradition of great Virginians who came before him and who made such positive contributions to this state and to this nation.

For him not to fully recant his statements, fully apologize, and additionally take meaningful steps to address the harm he has caused further shows his character. Our national problems require better and Virginia certainly should have better men and women to deal with the national challenges of 2007.

The Republican Party, Virginia politicians, Virginia newspaper editors, and the public at large need to take Virgil Goode to task and to show the nation and the world that we are a better people than that suggested by Virgil Goode’s anti Muslim remarks.


spankthatdonkey said…
Dear Sir:
Virgil Goode is representing his fellow countryman by pointing out what Muslim immigration into Europe has done for that continent!

VanGogh's relative murdered for daring to criticize Allah, over 500 no-go zones published by the French Govt. as a warning, that their police do not control the towns!

Salmon Rushdie, living under the threat of death from Muslim terrorists!

Is that what you want in the United States? You and the Democratic Party just don't get it, "It's the Jihad Stupid"!
Terry said…
Hmm, ignore the comment above, SpankTheDonkey and the other two of his fellow degenerate, wannabe bloggers are a little bitter tonight after getting publicly slammed by the media for being a disgrace to the entire Virginia blogosphere. :)
Bill Garnett said…
TO: Spank That Donkey

And who are you to make such outrageous claims? You who like so many so called conservatives, so called Republicans, who stalk these Internet realms so anonymously. You remind me of the Ku Klux Klan. They found courage only in the dead of night and underneath their white hoods. They felt some god forsaken need to express their sense of superiority by intimidation. It seems our generation has its own heirs to the Klan, those like you who feel they must strike out with hate and prejudice and bias against some minority – homosexuals, or Muslims, or whatever.

Unlike our noble founders who had the courage to place their names on a Declaration that would infuriate King George, and knowing they would be hunted down and drawn and quartered if found. But where is your John Hancock?, no you choose to spew your venom and breed more hatred in a world that needs hope and needs understanding.

Well Mr. or Mrs. Spank The Donkey, I do not speak out anonymously, my name is on my websites – it’s Bill Garnett from Midlothian – I’m in the phone book and I have the courage to stand up to the likes of you.

I lived in Riyadh as a civilian in a middle class Muslim neighborhood from 1990 to 1996 some distance from any westerners. I traveled extensively in Saudi Arabia and to some extent in other Middle East Muslim countries. I have that experience of Muslims. I also lived in the Netherlands for 2 ½ years following that and traveled in Europe. Your generalizing about a religion and about Muslims based on some extreme and isolated examples is unbalanced and laughable.

It is right wing inerrant scripture reading religious zealot nut jobs that insist their faith and their beliefs is absolute God given truth and anyone else is dammed – whether that be our own religious nuts like Pat Roberson and Jerry Falwell or their religious nuts like Osama bin Laden. But let me tell you, my overwhelming experience with Muslims is that they are far more “Christian” than the so-called Christians I find in America. They have family values when this country only talks about family values.

Our country is secular, it respects all religions and doesn’t intrude on religion and in turn expects religion to not intrude on government. We are founded on rational ideals and have a long tradition of expanding freedoms and inclusion – despite the likes of those like you.

Certainly there is a place for the non de plume – but as an excuse for hateful bigotry, I think not.
Connie said…
A goode analysis of Mr. Goode:

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