Virginia – A Goode Place to Live

Yes, with this year 2007 being the 400th anniversary of the founding of the first permanent English colony in the new world (remember John Smith and Pocahontas), we Virginians can be duly proud to live in a state that has produced such illustrious leaders. Now I’m not referring to the old history book crowd – the George Washingtons, Thomas Jeffersons, James Madisons, or Patrick Henrys – no they are mere footnotes in our 1950’s history books. Wildly exaggerated personalities (Washington never cut down a cherry tree or threw a silver dollar across the Potomac River) – men who were in actuality traitors to the British government which was legitimately ruling at the time. They were the rabblerousing, rebellious, free thinkers, hopelessly idealistic upstarts. Jefferson probably even grew his own marijuana that he and his black slave girl Sally Hemings would smoke during their love trysts.

No readers, I am talking about the real men of Virginia – the men who we today look up to, revere, and want to emulate. Let’s start with our saintly and holy (holier than thou) religious leaders, particularly Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson (such a shame that Pat didn’t get the nomination, he would have been such a wonderful president, especially with his direct line to God and his amazing ability to forecast future calamity). And then we have Delegate Bob Marshall who almost single handedly saved the Commonwealth from the scourge of gay marriage – thank God. Oh, and let’s not leave out that monumental thinker and astute retail politician, our ex senator George Allen – shame on you YouTube for showing us what was just supposed to be a clever word play to show the locals that he knew their true hearts.

And now we are proud to add one more name to this illustrious list. Virgil Goode has shown the nation just what Virginia is about and why this state is such a wonderful place to live. Yes nation, there is no place better than the Old Dominion. Sure we had to integrate but we did it reluctantly – and are still doing it reluctantly. And know that if you are bigoted, or prejudiced, or homophobic, or intolerant, or just a plain old inerrant Bible reading religious zealot, well know – you can always come home to Virginia – it’s a Goode place to live and do business.


Mosquito said…
My home state--Virginia--needs to take a long, hard look in the mirror....especially the Virginia Republicans who are voicing silent support for Virgil Goode.


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