Who The Hell Is Congressman Cantor Representing?

There have been six important votes in this new Congress:

A bill intended to implement the remaining 9/11 Commission homeland security recommendations – Eric Cantor voted NO.

A bill that would raise the minimum wage from $5.15 per hour to $7.25 over the next two years – Eric Cantor voted NO.

A bill that would expand federal funding of embryonic stem cell research – Eric Cantor voted NO.

A bill that would require the government to negotiate Medicare prescription drug prices with pharmaceutical companies - Eric Cantor voted NO.

A bill intended to make college education more affordable by gradually reducing the interest rate on need-based student loans issued after July 2007 from 6.8 percent to 3.4 percent – Eric Cantor voted NO.

A bill intended to encourage development of alternate sources of energy. - Eric Cantor voted NO.

Is Cantor just a product of Virginia’s Republican gerrymandered districts? Is he just a Republican pol who follows lock-step instructions from his neo-conservative bosses? Is he so obligated to special interests and big business that he fails to see the needs and values of those in his district? Is he just so damn arrogant because the Democratic Party is essentially impotent in his backyard and he sees no plausible opposition?

Well those I talk to couldn’t recognize him, never heard of him, can not recall one specific thing he has done for the 7th District or for Virginia.

And this from Style Weekly, “His Every Republican Is Crucial PAC (ERICPAC) raised $1.45 million for the 2004 elections, and he gave $515,292 to Republican candidates for national office, according to the most recent figures from the Center for Responsive Politics. The PAC’s assuredly refilling its coffers for the next elections. Cantor’s even been taking his fund-raising show on the road and into such posh places as Beverly Hills and Aspen. Such financial success is one reason the GOP has elevated Cantor, 42, to the position of chief deputy whip in the House. Cantor’s wife, Diana, is executive director of the Virginia College Savings Plan and a board member at Media General Inc.”

His wife is director of Virginia College Savings Plan – now that is just funny, pathetic, and ironic.

Is there not one Virginian of the caliber of Senator Warner (R) or Senator Webb (D) - Democrat, Republican, or Independent in the 7th District? Do we have to, in 2007, tolerate the kind of indifferent and unaccountable politician of the likes of Eric Cantor?


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