Do We Really Want To Keep Senator Allen?

Virginia deserves better – the problems require better.

Divisive partisan politics are preventing the country from coming to grips with critical issues facing our nation. From the fight against radical extremist terrorists to global warming to the weakening of the middle class to our burgeoning debt and failing social security system – there are major, major problems which have all worsened over the last five years. We need, in fact require, the type of common sense, pragmatic, integrity of people like Jim Webb. People who have a broad and experienced vision, with fresh ideas, and a willingness to roll up their sleeves and get to work at bringing about constructive change.

What we don’t need is the arrogance of back room politicians who see their hold on power as some sort of legitimate birthright or who pander to the lower common denominator of the political sentiment of the moment.

Given the opportunity to get to know the character of Jim Webb – and the opportunity to really see how little George Allen has accomplished (other than to be the lap dog of the moneyed Republican special interests) -- Virginians may well make the choice in November to bring to the Senate someone who can speak to and for all Virginians and who will work for our common progress rather than for his own self interest.


Doug said…
Thank you for reading and posting on my blog. That remark about Bush was made in dealing with staunch right-wing christians who have no problem making such judgements whether it's Bill Clinton or whoever or challenging one's christianity simply because they oppose Bush, a challenge I have seen far too many times. I thought I would turn the tables on them you might say. It is relative to his political christianity and I make no judgement about Bush's personal christianity and am not one of those who question his salvation but I do have an opinion about the christian quality of his administration and that is what I'am trying to convey but it is difficult to resist giving the "Right" a taste of their own medicine.
I personally believe God strongly opposes gay relationships. I base that on his position on it in the old and new testaments. Sodomy or homosexuality was so repugmant to God that he decreed that anyone engaged in it be put to death, relevant to those old testament times. And the story of Sodom and Gomorrah should be an exclamation mark in history about the way He feels about it. In the new testament Paul states in his first chapter in his first book Romans that a man lying with a man is sin. He begins with this when preaching about the sins of men so the emphasis is clearly there.(Romans 1:26-27) But this is not about God hating people but instead God hating sin. God loves all people and would have them turn from their sin. My attitude about this in not about a facist need to control others as is exemplified by some on the right but is a desire those escape that which is pulling them down. God wants the best for all of us and that is why He forbids somethings because with all the wisdom it took to create the world He also knows with that same wisdom that certain acts or behavior will eventually destroy people He created and integreted with His creation. It is fundamentally about His love for us. Your criticism is well-taken and again, thanks for the thoughful post.

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