We Dance Round In A Ring And Suppose

When are conservatives going to spell out what common good is accomplished by prohibiting gay families from access to the same civil recognition, responsibilities, and benefits afforded to heterosexual citizens in the state?

“We dance round in a ring and suppose, but the secret sits in the middle and knows”.

And the secret here is a rather dark and ugly one. It is the irrational fear of homosexuality and the refusal to accept the reality and science on the subject. Have any of the anti-gay marriage advocates read any peer reviewed material such as this amicus brief by the American Psychological Association? http://www.ca8.uscourts.gov/briefs/05/11/amicus/052604_14b.pdf

And the secret here is that Christian zealots (not so much unlike Muslim zealots) have crossed the bright line between church and state and are intent on forcing their religious beliefs through legislation.

And the truth is that the Republican Party is beholden to the approximately 27 percent of the population who are drawn to authoritarian leaders and who are energized by divisive social issues such as gay marriage. My parents taught me that this is hypocrisy.


David said…
The people who believe these things are not reachable by logic and rationality. I highly recommend a new book by Michelle Goldberg, "Kingdom Coming." This is the best exposition I've seen on the Christian Nationalist movement and its symbiotic relationship with opportunists in the Republican party.

She thinks it will get worse before it gets better.

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