Equality Virginia Prepares To Fight

Several hundred activists met at Virginia Commonwealth University today to train for the fight against the upcoming November ballot issue in Virginia to define “marriage” in the state’s bill of rights.

Candice Gingrich (the good Gingrich) was a featured speaker and told of her experience in telling her 60 year old parents about her sexual orientation. Understandably her parents told her that it would take awhile for them to adjust to the news, after all, they said, when they were growing up there were no gays.

Science does not agree. Our gay brothers and sisters, sons and daughters, neighbors and coworkers have been with us across time and space and it is only in the last few decades that this fact has been evident to the general population. A fact that is accepted by every credible scientific and medical organization, and which was recently reinforced by the American Pediatrics Association who report that children of gay parents are best served if they and their parents have equal civil rights and benefits as their straight counterparts.

And the consensus of studies of gay parenting has shown that their children grow up no less normal than those with straight parents.

But the far right religious zealots are as intent on preventing civil equality for gays, as they historically were for blacks, women, interracial couples – God bless those Southern Baptists! Fortunately younger generations are far less homophobic and prejudiced and intolerant of the diversity God imparts in all communities. And those who genuinely subscribe to the more basic tenants of Christianity: love thy neighbor and non-judgmental behavior, are beginning to stand up to this ugly aspect of the religious right and reclaim the courage of their faith. Similarly, enlightened, educated, and thoughtful citizens as well as those who value the American principles of inclusion, and equal rights, and know the lessons from history where church has intruded on state, are beginning to fight back.

With little more than three months before voters will decide this issue, there is a lot of educating left to do and it’s rather uncertain that equality will win over bigotry.


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